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Scaling Portfolio Valuations

Our Data Journey

At 73 Strings, we combine 25+ years of private capital expertise with real-time analytics and powerful machine learning models. The result is a collaborative platform that makes Valuation Reporting faster, smarter, and easier.

Combine Data
Analyze Data
Extract Intelligence out of Data

Rollover Process


We Combine Data

Financial data from Investee companies is uploaded automatically through data warehouses, along with data sourced from market news, social media, earning call transcripts and from 12+ data sources: our data partners such as S&P Capital IQ, Gnews, Apollo, Currency Layer,  Spyfu, and internal data collected for customer review and other alternative data sets.


We Analyze Data

AI powered valuation process that allows users to select from over 5 + valuations methods that are most relevant to their investment. A combination of workflow tools can be used to arrive at NAV by assigning proportion weights to each method.


We Extract Intelligence out of data

Build custom reports and dashboards with multiple widgets that are auto populated with graphic, tabular and commentary/analysis. Additionally, setup for easy disseminated reports and information to internal and external stakeholders.
Easy reporting for LPs, Board of Directors, Management Teams, 3rd Party Valuers/Auditors.


Qubit X allows for custom reporting templates which are auto populated with key graphs, tables and analysis that can be downloaded in word, PPT or PDF formats. 


Facilitated regulatory compliance for SEC, IPEV, ESMA, FCA, AIFMD, CEIV.

Advanced Analytics: tailored per Investor

Qubit X for Funds

Qubit X is an advanced analytics and valuation platform which allows Alternative Investment Funds to process, aggregate and analyze significant amounts of financial data, for their portfolio valuation, and related LPs reporting.

Qubit X
for Corporate

Qubit X For Corporates
is an advanced analytics and Valuation platform which enables Corporates to process, aggregate & analyze significant amounts of financial data for the Legal and Financial Reporting process.

Use Cases

  • Internationally-accepted valuation requirements
  • Rigorous and frequent regulatory, compliance, and LP reporting needs
  • Forecast and scenario modeling for risk mitigation
  • Portfolio valuation and related reporting needs, including for multiple legal entities


  • AI-augmented data analysis from 5+ Valuation engines and 12+ data sources, including news, reviews and earnings call transcripts
  • Real-time valuation and cash flow calculations
  • Workflow management tools for greater collaboration
  • Rapid, customizable, and transparent reporting capabilities

Digitalizing alternative investments, providing efficiency and intelligence to how illiquid  assets are analysed, valued, monitored and transacted thanks to our AI-augmented solutions.

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