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Advanced Analytics: tailored per Investor

Qubit X
for Funds

Qubit X For Funds is an advanced analytics and valuation platform which allows Alternative Investment Funds to process, aggregate and analyze significant amounts of financial data, for their portfolio valuation, and related LPs reporting.

Qubit X
for Corporate

Qubit X For Corporates
is an advanced analytics and Valuation platform which enables Corporates to process, aggregate & analyze significant amounts of financial data for the Legal and Financial Reporting process.

Use Cases

  • Internationally-accepted valuation requirements
  • Rigorous and frequent regulatory, compliance, and LP reporting needs
  • Scenario modelling for risk management
  • Portfolio valuation and related reporting needs, including for multiple legal entities


  • AI-augmented data analysis powered by multiple Valuation engines and 12+ public and private data sources
  • Real-time valuation, easy auditing and automated reporting
  • Simulation analysis, valuation scheduler and versioning tools. 
  • Rapid, customizable, and transparent reporting capabilities

Digitalizing alternative investments, providing efficiency and intelligence to how illiquid  assets are analysed, valued, monitored and transacted thanks to our AI-augmented solutions.

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